HGH-PRM Series - Hard Aggregate

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The PRM Series Green Concrete Blade is a mid-range product which combines high performance at a competitive price. It is designed to be used on both hand held and low horsepower walk behind saws. They are engineered with under cut protection segments to protect the core and extend blade life. Intended for use in hard aggregate.
Green Concrete, Hard aggregate
H/S Hand Held; Low H/P Walk Behind
Wet / Dry

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Available Products

Item # Diameter Kerf Arbor Segment Height List Price
HGH141251PRM 14" .125 1" - 20mm 10mm $444.00
HGH142501PRM 14" .250 1" 10mm $533.00
HGH143751PRM 14" .375 1" 10mm $706.00
HGH145001PRM 14" .500 1" 10mm $960.00