STS-6 Series

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Lackmond's STS-6 Multi-Application Blade is the first ever TRUE multi-application diamond blade utilizing patterned diamond technology. It is engineered with the most advanced patterned diamond technology which evenly aligns the diamonds into rows within the blade’s segment ensuring the maximum amount of diamonds are contacting the cutting surface at all times.

The STS-6 is designed with a castellated segmented turbo rim with undercut protection and is ideal for cutting concrete, asphalt, green concrete, overlay, masonry, brick, block, stone, and much more. It is made with an air-cooling core to reduce heat and a high-tension core for durability.

  • Utilizes patterned diamond segments
  • 30% more life
  • Very fast and aggressive
Segmented Turbo
Cured Concrete, Green Concrete, Asphalt, Block, Stone, Granite, Piling, Overlay, Brick, Block
H/S Hand Held; Low H/P Walk Behind; Chop Saw
Wet / Dry

Diamond Rating:

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Available Products

Item # Diameter Kerf Arbor Segment Height List Price
STS6141251 14" .125 1" - 20mm 12mm $655.00
STS61412520 14" .125 20mm 12mm $655.00