BEAST PRO Porcelain Standard Core

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The BEAST Pro Standard Core Tile Blade is designed to cut porcelain, ceramic, marble and granite tiles. It provides the same chip-free cutting ability as our popular Reinforced Hub series but with a standard core. The standard core design allows contractors to lift tiles to square notches or finish corners. The thin kerf core cuts cleanly through dense porcelains but has enough rigidity to prevent blade deflection or curved cuts.

  • Standard core variation of our popular BP Series Tile Blade
  • Wet use only
  • Performs in critically hard porcelains
  • Very fast, clean cut
  • Long life
Continuous Rim
Porcelain Tile, Ceramic Tile, Marble, Granite
Tile Saw, Circular Saw, Hand Grinder

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Available Products

Item # Diameter Kerf Arbor Rim Height List Price
BPS7 7" .050 5/8" 7mm $75.00
BPS10 10" .050 5/8" 10mm $147.00