Spike Grinding Wheel

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The BEAST Pro Spike Grinding Wheel is engineered with unique diamond spikes arranged in clusters on the outer porting of the wheel. It is designed to remove coatings such as thin-set, mastic, epoxy, mesh, and much more from concrete, masonry, and stone. The BEAST Pro Spike Grinding Wheel is also ideal for grinding and stock removal on concrete, masonry, and stone surfaces. It is equipped with a durable steel body and has a 5/8"-11 threaded arbor hole.

Diamond Cluster Wheel
Concrete, Masonry, Marble, Granite, Other Stone
Hand Grinder; Floor Grinder
Wet / Dry

Diamond Rating:

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Available Products

Item # Diameter Arbor # Of Segments List Price
11350066 4" 5/8"-11 Thread 3 $145.00
11350067 5" 5/8"-11 Thread 5 $197.00
11350068 7" 5/8"-11 Thread 7 $281.00
11350069 6" 5/8"-11 Thread 5 $229.00